Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paper Heart Tutorial

Hey everyone! A few people liked my paper heart idea so I thought I would show you how I did it :)  I am using this paper choice just for this tutorial (don't judge me lol)  

So you start off with your paper and fold it in half lengthwise

and in half again,

Fold it into a V and staple the opened side

You then use another sheet the same size and fold it the same way only this time you staple it to the first piece.

I staple both sides at the same time so it's not full of staples :)

Next you need a sheet that is about three-quarter length of the original and fold it the same way. Attach with stapler the same way to form the heart shape.

Next is 2 sheets the original size...only this time you staple the top & bottom to the original folded piece.

I leave a little space at the top to punch a hole for hanging
Add some string/twine/yarn and hang for easy decoration :)

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  1. Gosh that was easier than i imagined. thanks so much!

  2. Very cute and thrifty! Your legal pad heart is just as cute as one made out of some fancy schmancy paper! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. This is a thrifty craft, huh? Good job.Linda


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