Saturday, January 15, 2011

Over Looked Uses Of The Rubber Band

Recently while reading some awesome sites I came across posts using rubber bands in very practical ways we all overlook.  Here is a magical list of reminders that I composed from around the web that I deem helpful.
1. A hair tie (Granted it may take a few hairs with it as it's pulled out!)
2. An Eraser (With enough bands wrapped together you can erase pencil.)

3. Handle Grip (Why pay for one when all you have to do is wrap one around the lid?)

4. A Mail Sorter System (Hammer two parallel rows of nails in the side of a cabinet or the back of a door, and stretch rubber bands between them to hold mail. You can also stretch bands over a piece of plywood for a cheaper version of the French ribbon board.)
5. A Remote Control "Saver"  (Wrap a big rubber band around the top and bottom of a remote. It will protect it from a fall, and it will stop it scratching up the coffee table.)

6. Create Stripes when Painting (Wrap a band around the object to create the stripe, great for Easter egg dying)
7. Liquid Control (Wasting precious soap, detergent or lotion? Wrap a rubber band tightly around the neck of the dispensing pump to limit how each “squirt.”)

8. A Flower Arranger (For simple organization of your blooms, use a rubber band to keep flower heads together. Cut the stems to just above the height of the vase for best effect.)

9. A Liquid Marker  (You can use rubber bands around the outside of the cans/bottles as guides, and move them down the can as you use more.)

10. A Toddler Lock  (Young kids love to explore in those cabinets under the sink, and everywhere else. Stretch strong rubber bands tightly between cabinet knobs to lock them in place.)

11. A Broom Reviver (If the broom's bristles are looking worn, tighten them up by wrapping thick rubber bands halfway up the bristles.)

12. A Quick Tagging System (Color-coded rubber bands can help you sort out objects quickly and easily. Or try a color coded DOT -something my grandfather always did, marked all his belongings with a red dot)
13. A Wax Catcher (Wrap a large rubber band around a candle and it will stop the wax from dripping onto the table.)

14. A Stress Reliever (Make a ball from lots of rubber bands. You can squeeze them when you're feeling stressed, and it's cheaper than the store bought ball.)

15. Stretch "Button" (Wrap a band around your button and loop through hole to create a stretched comfort)

So can you think of any I missed? It's funny how the most practical solutions are usually just lying around the house :)


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