Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Swap With The Tattered Tag

Hello all, I am Christina from The Tattered Tag. I am so thrilled to be co-hosting my first Blog Swap with my dear blogging friend Amy.  If I could use two words that explains our styles, they would be Nifty & Thrifty.  Today I am hosting Amy's nifty neat pallet project over at my blog The Tattered Tag and I will be sharing my simply thrifty project over here at Me N My Thrifty Ideas
There have been plenty of projects using books, especially book pages.  Today, I would like to share a simple idea using only the book covers... 

Just like Amy says, "Use What You Got!"  I had these old books sitting in a box in my garage. I actually liked the inner side of the book with the printed cover, it's kind of like an old jacket with a funky cool lining... 

Carefully, I cut the covers off of the books...

 And using notebook paper as a guide, I marked holes on the book covers...
While my husband kindly drilled the holes for me, I gathered some ribbon I had tucked away and my rubber stamps.
 Wanting to create a simple journal, I cut paper to the size of the covers, punched holes in the paper, strung ribbon thru the holes in the covers & paper, tied them off and stamped one of the covers with a fun saying...

 The smudged ink gives the cover above a slightly "tattered" look and below the outside cover of a book is now the inside cover of a homespun journal...

Hope this simply thrifty idea has inspired you to get creative with your old book covers.  I invite everyone to stop by my blog The Tattered Tag and find more inspirational ideas.  Please take the time to browse both of our blogs and leave us your comments, let us know what you liked about our Blog Swap.

Once again, thank you Amy for co-hosting this fun Blog Swap, I so appreciate your creativity and YOU really do inspire ME!

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  1. Cool the turning the covers inside out for the journal.


  2. Love this idea! I will go show Tattered Tag some love also.

  3. That is great idea....thanks for sharing :)


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