Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Swap with OCD

{Hey everyone, today I am doing a Blog Swap with one of my FAVS...Jen over at OCD make sure you come show some bloggy love!}

 Hey Me N My Thrifty Idea's friends I am so thrilled to be here today!
My name is Jen from

 Amy has become such a great blog friend, really helpful and soooo talented. Have you checked out her buttons??? Seriously you need to. She designed my button for me, if that gives you any idea. {So when you're done here check out her buttons!} And her talent doesn't stop at the buttons and computer stuff, she is a mad craftin mamma! But ofcourse you already know that....

Over at OCD I blog about endless things, crafting, cleaning and organizing and even makeup tips. But I have to say right now my most fav thing I am doing is the series

I am having so much fun going through totally random areas of the house that don't get cleaned often, cleaning it and then blogging about it. I started this because I know if I am not thinking about it often (the cleaning fanatic I am) others may not be either. It is fascinating to me, how clean I am, yet there are areas in my house that are so gross.

I realized quickly that cleaning these areas is also like getting to the inner stuff we shove inside and don't deal with. I like to use the time I spend cleaning the super dirty and neglected places to get inside myself and pray about the neglected areas of my life, bring those things to the top and clean them off too. So come join in with me on this journey to cleaning your house and cleaning your soul!

Click here to start at the beginning or just join me every Thursday to see what is next and tell me...

"How Often Do You...Clean It?"

Thanks again Amy for letting me blog swap with you today! And thank you friends, I hope you enjoyed!



  1. Oh this is a cute blog! I found you from O.C.D's blog and I am your newest follower. I love your BuTToNs. I would love for you to come and visit my blog too @

  2. What a fun blog swap, Jen has a great blog too!!

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  3. Oh, just feed my OCD, will ya!? Cool!


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