Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Have YOU Been Up To?

Life gets a little hectic around here so let me fill you in…

First off, the kids are getting so incredibly restless with this whole winter thing.  Every single day I have to explain why there is no snow but we still can’t ride our bike outside and play at the park.  Needless to say that even after all my explaining temperatures and talking about all the cool toys they have to play with indoors, they are so not impressed with being stuck in the house anymore.


So that little fact in itself has kept me beyond busy trying to keep them occupied.  We have tried every craft online, colored every page and even finished the ones we never planned on finishing, played made up games, sang songs and watched every movie we own and on Net Flix atleast twice. I have to admit I cannot wait for them to be able to run freely again.  I live in PA so winter feels like it will never end.  We get a nice day and then BOOM…another Blizzard!  If I never saw snow again I think I will be okay, people. LOL. 
Olivia and Tre are so close in age it feels like all they do is fight.  {Does anyone else know what I am talking about?}  Chase is a little older and sometimes is the biggest culprit but I guess we are ALL ready to play outside!  I cannot wait until our Spring has Sprung!  I mean just look how happy they look when they are outside…




Okay, okay…Tre isn’t outside in that last one but he looks awfully happy, right? 2 outta 3 is good enough for me!
  I have worked on so many little projects that aren’t really worthy of making it to the web but other than that haven’t really had time to get my craft on.  Everyday seems to be flying by…it’s like that hour we gave up has completely thrown me off.  Silly, right?  I am sure I will have it together pretty soon, hopefully. LOL
Well enough of me... how about you?  I would love to know what you have been up to…


  1. I hope it warms up soon for all your sakes! I live in Ohio so I totally feel your pain! Your children are ADORABLE!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for warm weather for you guys!

  2. I totally get what you're saying about the kids. Mine are 10 & 7 and fighting to them is a first nature. We have stairs so they are constantly trying to throw each other down them all the while tatteling that the other is being mean. GRRRR! Drives me INSANE! A few summers ago I started tying the leggs together (like the 3 legged race) and make them pick up the dog poop, this helps build team work and forces them to get along. I do it every summer now to get them in the groove. I refuse to listen to the nonsense all summer!

  3. OMG! What cuties! Even if they are restless! I'm restless too, so I can't fault my little one trying to escape to the yard like a jail-bird... Is it even starting to get warm there? We went out today WITHOUT jackets! It was SO warm and nice! Hopefully you will be getting some of that nice weather there soon!

  4. I am so there with you. Spring cannot come soon enough. And I have had to explain the same thing to my kids too. I might as well just tape record my voice...LOL! The time change has got us all messed up too!! It is always something. I haven't done much crafting either, it is hard when the kiddos are on your leg :)


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