Friday, March 11, 2011


Hey everyone, I wanted to share a really awesome site I found that you may just be interested in.  is the currency free creative marketplace for us crafters who want swap creations free of charge!  You can list any creative endeavor you would like to swap with others, including but not limited to: PhotographyArtJewelryHandmade Items and Paper Crafts. Please remember, anything you add should be Family Friendly.
You can earn whoops by adding creations to your "store," accepting swaps from others, marking swaps as receivedleaving feeback after the swap is complete,signing up for the newsletter, and inviting friends to join whoopdwhoop.

A whoop is what you swap for the creation you are requesting. It's also what you earn when you successfully swap your creation with someone.


ActionWHOOPS rewarded
Add creation to community+0.15
Accept swap+asking value
Request Swap-asking value
Mark Swap as received+0.1
Leave feedback on successful swap+0.1
Sign up for newsletter+0.25
Invite friends to join whoopdwhoop+0.25 for every friend that joins

You are able to assign your creation 1-5 whoops. When deciding what your creation is worth, consider the following:
  • is the process of making your creation extremely time consuming?
  • is your creation large or heavy, therefore making it more costly to ship?
  • are the materials used in making your creation costly?
  • how quickly do you want to accumulate whoops? (the more ‘costly’ your creation is, the more difficult it will be for someone to afford a swap) 

I just recently joined the site and added my Twine Decor Balls to the creations and encourage all of you to check it out.  This post wasn't part of the sign up or an incentive.  I just wanted to share something cool with all of you!  They do have these cool little gagdets to add to your blog though {Mine is located at the top right of this page}
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  1. That sounds pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great Friday!

  2. STRANGE! I thought I emailed you but apparently I crossed it off my list without actually doing it! My email is Please let me know what info you need!


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