Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Inspirations

I have came across one of the most awesome sites this past week.  This site is seriously filled to the brim with amazing projects.  The site is  A site dedicated to featuring ideas from around the web.  As a bonus it is a Perpetual Link Party where the sharing never ends.  Seriously, how cool is that?  I stumbled upon it when I saw my Barn Star had been added to the projects and simply fell in love with what I saw.  You can easily search for projects or just browse the recent additions.  Sheri has found a wide variety of fun and interesting things to do with your child, for your child, or even by yourself for yourself!   I am truly inspired and now have a growing list of favorites on her site.  Thanks for all the hard work Sheri!  I hope all of you check out this amazing site and get inspired too.


  1. I took a quick look & it looks AWESOME! Definitely going to have to spend some time browsing that site!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. this site!! Seems like it could get addicting...LOL! Congrats that your barn star made it on there :)


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