Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Copy Me! Challenge

I put together a few pieces for Funky Junk Interior's latest Copy Me!  Challenge.  I used Allen wrenches to spell out Junk and secured them on to my rack that once belonged to a storage shelf unit thingy. The rest of it speaks for itself. I also have used a baby gate that my kids TORE up...thinking along the Funky Junk state of display my preschoolers alphabet for her practicing pleasure (I crack myself up)  And yes that IS paintchips being put to use....ah the endless possibilities.  Oh and let's not forget my son's old belt to hang the contraption up :)  Well what do YOU think?

Copy Me Challenge
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  1. Love LOVE LOVE this! It looks GREAT! Hope it makes you smile!

  2. Ha... this is so awesome! LOVE that JUNK word! Oh does that ever rock. I love your pieces! They are so fun and indeed pretty darn funky. :)


  3. So cute!! I love how you spelled Junk. I am your newest follower. =)


  4. I absolutely LOVE the ABC board you made. I need something like that for my kiddies. Seriously, I'm going to copy YOU!!!!! Thanks for the idea!


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