Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easter Egg

Hey guys, I wanted to show you a quick tutorial on something fun I made this morning. We ate the last of the cereal during breakfast and wanted to make something cool with the box.  Is it me or are there tons of recycling projects with cereal boxes?  Well here goes another just in case you missed the craze....
Start off cutting the cardboard into strips about 1-2in wide.  I used a total of 8 for our egg.
Next you need to glue the strips together forming a loop.  I used hot glue for this.
This is what your egg should look like when its all glued together.  
Next I spray painted the whole thing with Black spray paint.  {This is where I realized that I should have painted the strips before gluing} I then painted the outside of the strips in blue.
I had to use craft wire to get the egg shape.  I simply cut a piece long enough for the inside of the egg and formed Ts on each end.  It fit perfect.
I used raffia to make a "nest" for the egg and found the perfect table to display it on.  Simple, free and cute.  Works for me :)
 What do you think?

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  1. Fun! This is a great idea :) Pretty simple too so if kids wanted to try this out for easter it would be perfect.
    xoxo Maria

  2. This is soo adorable.. and really what else is there to do with all those empty cereal boxes? I use them for crafting templates!

  3. So cute....gotta love projects that help to recycle :)

  4. Super Cute!! A will be making some of these tomorrow, FOR SURE!

  5. Simple, cute, and thrifty...just the way I like it :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday" :)

  6. Hey its Deb at Deja Renew. So glad you found me and thanks for your awesome comment. I try to keep it real :) lol. I am gonna tool around your blog! Oh, and I to am following you.

    thx again :)



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