Friday, February 11, 2011

Awards and Appreciation

Big shout out to Christina over at The Tattered Tag for nominating me for the Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards!  It is so nice to log in and feel the love.  She has such an awesome blog going on too that recently hit 100 followers so Congrats and Thank You so much for the awards!

  Here's how the awards works:
Thank and link back to the person(s) who bestowed the awards

Share 7 random things about yourself

Nominate 15 other awesome bloggers

Contact those bloggers and inform them about the award

Seven Things You Never Knew About Me:
1. My favorite place in this whole world is in my husband's arms.
2. I love watching Hoarders but go into a "I am not a hoarder, am I?" phase after every episode.
3. I love a clean house but don't love cleaning.
4. Autumn is my all time favorite season.  The colors, weather and smells are so awesome.
5. Multi color Christmas lights bother me. Tacky much?
6. I have hated stuffed animals my entire life.  I just honestly think they are pointless.
7. My towels have to be folded a certain way or I will refold all of them.  
Like this --->

15 More Awesome Blogs:
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3. Holly at Holly Days
5. Natalie at Johnny in A Dress
7. Shay at Inspired Crafts
11. Jane at Junkin Jane
12. Rachel at Unscripted

Please make sure to check all these ladies out because they all are so talented and special in so many ways. They all inspire me daily and for that I am so grateful.  


  1. I have to fold my towels the same way...and if my husband folds them, he does it WRONG! :)

  2. I'm totally flattered ... and SO there with you on the coloured Christmas lights! My husband would have flashing coloured lights if he could - needless to say we have white lights on our tree :o)

  3. Thank you , again! I'm so flattered you like my blog enough to give it an award! =]

    Number 3??? So me!

  4. Amy..just wanted to stop in and say hi to ya...
    Congrats on you award...
    Have a Blessed day

  5. I can completely relate to #7 -- when my Honey folds the towels I always have to refold. Even after ten years of marriage! One would think someone could catch on... :-)

  6. I apologize for the late comment. I am Super Grateful for the awardZ ma! *smile* Thank You! I am also a Autumn Lover! Ma Birthday is the first day of Fall *heh heh heh* I will be sure to send a shout out to ya on ma blog post! Thank You again ma! *smile* Stay Blessed..


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