Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never

A while back I was supposed to host the first themed party featuring 3 items and I missed it so I wanted to show you all what I came up with.  Again...I apologize for missing the link ups and hope you all can try to understand that I wanted to participate but couldn't.

The items to use were paint chips, cereal box and twine.  I came up with a cute little purse for Miss Olivia to drag carry around.  :)  First choice was an empty Cheerios box but a certain little boy insisted on using it to tote around his cars.  I simply folded the sides in the middle to create the purse look.  I also cut off the top portion that had been opened.

I painted the empty box and added a brown lunch bag to serve as the inner "liner" for the purse.  

I used my hole punch to make a spot to add the "purse strings"  :)

Next Olivia and I decorated the new purse using only paint chips, mod podge and a hole punch... and ofcourse a little glitter for some glam!

The whole project only took about a half an hour but this little box purse is actually pretty sturdy and she has been using it this entire time!  

P.S.  I managed to snap a shot of Tre at breakfast with his new "car tote" too ;)

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