Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am BAAACK ;)

I am so excited to finally be back!!! First, I apologize for missing a holiday so Happy belated Easter everyone!  It feels like it has been forever so I don't even know where to begin...
Everyone here is doing awesome and had a great Easter.  We ended up having to hide eggs and candy throughout our entire house because it was rainy and cold here.  The kids ended up loving it though!  I think we may have started a new family tradition.  I feel so horrible about our party I missed and want to apologize to everyone for not being here.  I had to wait forever for my laptop and didn't have access to a computer to participate at all.  Life without the blog was interesting though.  I definitely got a lot more done around here but I am so grateful to be back!  Now I am off to work on all these awesome posts from projects that I have to catch you up on!  Talk to you soon!


  1. Yay! Soo glad you're back! I missed you and can't wait to see what you were busy doing!

  2. Glad you are back..I was wondering what happened to you...LOL! I just asked Allie a few days ago if she had heard from you :) Glad you had a great Easter and looking forward to seeing what you are working on :)


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